A creative approach can create exceptional events. 

Suzy Howes & associates ltd apply creativity across the board in our event delivery. Even when an event appears simple and straightforward, creativity applied in terms of the agenda, use of space or the gathering of feedback can make it refreshing and full of impact.

We have transformed horse auction rings into speed dating pods, the Tate Modern into a live launch of an online technology matching service, a Tudor house into a 21st century think-tank and the corporate suite of the UK’s leading digital architects into a lobbying arena complete with staged demo and protest group.

We will make suggestions, listen to your responses and get excited about the resulting ideas with you.  In our experience, even the smallest of changes can make a dramatic difference. 

I have attended many events organised by Suzy Howes and her team.  These have, without fail, been impeccably run, stylishly managed and delivered with a sense of professionalism and dignity Walter Herriott OBE, St John’s Innovation Centre