BASEES Annual Conference Friday, 31 March - Sunday, 2 April 2017

Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Registration for the conference is now open

Building upon the increasing successes of past BASEES conferences the BASEES Annual Conference continues to attract scholars of Slavonic and East European Studies from a wide range of disciplines from across the world.

The 2017 conference has attracted over 130 panels with papers in Politics; History; Sociology and Geography; Film and Media, Languages and Linguistics; Literatures and Cultures; Economics.

To mark the 1917 centenary, two keynote roundtables will focus on the Russian Revolution.

Speakers have now been announced for the third keynote roundtable - Reflection on the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Gennady Burbulis (State Secretary of Russia, 1991-92)
Leonid Kravchuk (First President of Ukraine, 1991-94)
Stanlislau Shushkevich (First Head of State of Independent Belarus, 1991-94)

Download the conference programme (at 30 March 2017) - links to all abstracts are included in the downloadablle programme

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